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We are a small hobby breeder of Traditional and Parti Yorkshire Terriers in the Colorado foothills.  We are not a kennel, our  pet puppies are born in our home and are socialized with adults, children, and other pets as they grow. Our goal is to carefully breed  small, not frail Yorkies with balanced temperament, excellent health and beauty. 

Our upmost priority is the health and safety of our puppies. 

We allow visits from buyers who have placed deposits on a 
puppy after they are 6 weeks of age.

For anyone else that is seriously interested in purchasing one of our puppies and would like to visit them, we require a copy of a 
valid drivers license to be emailed to us prior to the visit.  We also ask that before coming to visit that you DO NOT 
visit with other puppies!  

We reserve the right to refuse to sell a puppy to anyone for any reason. Your deposit will be refunded if at any time prior to final payment it is necessary to refuse the sale of the puppy. Our puppies are sold as pet only.  AKC may be available if prior arrangements are agreed upon before sale.

We know you will understand that we only have the best interest 
for our family and puppies.

My typical Yorkie puppy ranges from 3-5lbs at maturity. Most of my puppies have the desired short faces, cobby body with excellent confirmation and temperament. 

Our Adults
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Past Puppies

Dory X Chance  female at 1 year
Little Paws 2 Love

Colorado's Finest 
Traditional and Parti
Yorkshire Terriers

"A dog is the only thing on earth 
that loves you more than he 
loves himself." Josh Billings

Contact us at 970-235-0687
"If there are no dogs in Heaven then I want to go where they went"
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