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I am so thankful for her. She is such a funny little dog. She LOVES her toys. She knows all of their names. 
When we leave Petsmart she looks up to make sure we have a new toy for her, and of course her treats.

Your friend for life, CA
 Wanted to let you know that Frankie is doing great! Happy and healthy! He weighs 5.2 pounds and has incredible energy. He loves his schnauzer sister and his new home.

Gizmo got to be 3.7 lbs his color did change but for him being so small he does think hes the leader of the pack he has here at home 2 more brothers and a sister. Our little gizmo has brought alot of joy to our family again thank you so much. 
Riley is still a little sweetheart.She loves playing with the cats, but the cats are still getting used to her. She is growing... I took her to the vet yesterday an she ways 1.5 lbs.  Her ears are up!  She is doing well with socializing and she has been around tons of different people and two dogs that are up to date with their shots and are good playing with other dogs. She's sleeping through the night and is starting to go on the pee pads with some accidents. My family absolutely loves her!  She is already getting the silver coloring on her head. Everyone that sees her immediately falls in love with her. She is really good with people and other animals. She is the little love of my life and I cannot thank you enough for giving her to me.  I hope all is well with you. CS
Baby is doing very well...she is a very sweet girl. She is still really small I think that she was like 2 pounds 4 oz. at her last appointment not too long ago. We LOVE her so much! AD

Rocco is so amazing.  We have met so many other yorkie puppies and none have his good looks and features.  He never had a puppy stage.  Such an easy going dog.  Anytime you want to see him let us know.

We love him to death.
Things are going great! she has such a wonderful personality and seems to be getting along good! Thanks 
sooo much! She weighs in at 3.1 pounds, and is a very energetic and loving little pup!! We love her so very 
much!!  LT

Here is a sweet picture of sprinkles and scooter snuggled up together!! She is such a little sweetie.... we love her more each day!!! Just thought I would drop you a note to tell you how great she is doing!!!

I just wanted to give you an update on little miss stella.  She went to the vet last week and now weighs 2.8 lbs.  she is doing wonderfully  (except the potty is still somewhat of an issue).  She is just a little ball of pure love.  Oh I was going to ask you at what age do you recommend getting her spayed?  The vet said any time now but she seems so little still.  I know we should do it before her first heat but I'm not sure when that's going to be.  My camera died recently so when I get a new one, I'll email you some more recent pictures.  Thanks so much again for everything!  We are all so in love with her!!

Stella is doing great!  The vet check went fine, he said she was very healthy.  As of this Tues, she weighed exactly 2 pounds.  According to my yorkie book, you can double their weight at 13 wks to get an idea of adult size (which she will be this week).  So I'm thinking she'll be around 4 pounds...which is what you were thinking too.  We are all so in love with her especially Todd.  I will send you some pictures when I get home from work tonight...I have them on my hard drive at home.  Thanks again for that little ball of love! JB

Thank you for emailing me! We are absolutely loving little Trudy. My whole family has just fallen in love with her. She has been a dream! So well behaved and really easy to potty train. Hopefully the photos I attached go through. If not let me know and I'll try resending them. Thank you so much for  our little blessing. JM
Dr said he is healthy and right on track with development! Oh and we named him Kovu. It's from the lion king 2. Jan's sister has three yorkies all named after the lion king, her teacup one is named kiara and Kovu is kiara's boyfriend in the movie!  No problem! Thank you! I feel like he is HUGE now. Even though he's only about 2 pounds! Haha. He is awesome! He's so feisty with the bigger dogs! They all back down to him! Our lab is starting to really like him! They are playing, cuddling, and she even let's him eat out of her bowl! (he seems to wanna eat large breed adult food over small breed puppy food, stinker!) I will send more pictures soon! 

Oh my gosh we love him soooo much! he is just so cute and has the best personality.  we've named him chewy (chewbacca).  he loves to play! he's starting to make little barking noises and is SO good when we go to bed.  we just say "bedtime chewy" and he walks right into his crate.  Potty training is coming along.  He is starting to know he's in trouble when he pees in the house.  he LOVES to run in the tall grass when we take him outside.  he looks like a little bunny rabbit he just hops around, it's so funny!  We took him to my parents a couple weekends ago and he did so well with their dogs.  we absolutely adore him.  we take him everywhere with us.  he loves the car, and he loves to sit in my purse and poke his head out the side to look around.  people stop us EVERYWHERE we go and tell us he's the cutest, littlest dog they've ever seen.  he literally stops traffic around our apartment when we play with him outside.  and we haven't even used a leash yet with him...he just follows us wherever we go.  he's such a good boy!  Thank you so so so much!! KK

I've been trying to get my kids to take some decent pictures of the puppy they named "thor", but it's a slow process--(i'll get some soon)--he is the star of the house and an amazing personality

Thanks for the x-mas card!  Jasper is such a good little boy.  He goes everywhere with me in his purse.  His x-mas gift was someone his own size, LiLa, a chihuahua.  They run from one end of the house to the other!  Jasper weighs 3.3.  He did have a double row of teeth (baby& adult).  The vet has now pulled the baby ones.  I love Jasper !!
Merry Christmas 

Here is a picture of our baby.  He is the most amazing little man (he doesn't know he's a dog) he brings so much love to our family.  We often talk about adding to our Yorkie family but we are so afraid of hurting Kilo's feelings!
Kilo is a little under 3 lbs and extremely healthy!  
You'll be the first we call when we add to our family!!!
 Love PW

It's like having Kilo as a baby all over again!  Gram chases Kilo all over the house, its the cutest thing ever.  He eats like a champ and just loves to be held.  
I csn't believe we waited this long to get another!

Thank You so much!!!
Hugs and Kissesfrom the boy's (Kilo and Gram)

I couldn't be more pleased. Thanks again.
Good morning.  Just wanted to let you know that Eddie had a vet check yesterday and he is a whole 3 pounds.  He is so cute!!!  We love the little guy.  I will get a picture to  you soon.  SB
Lilly is as adorable as ever! She's hanging out on the bed with us now. We love her so much! She lights up the world whenever anyone sees her. They can't believe how small she is. She's still 2.5 lbs and healthy as ever. We do occasional small dog meetups and she loves being social. So she's just great. Will send photos soon.

She is doing great. She is eating a ton and uses her paddy pads more then not. She and Rocco are getting along great. They play chase and tug. They have even napped on a blanket together. Rocco is really good with her. We are still keeping them separate while we are at work. She is so different then Rocco was. She goes off and plays alone and she sleeps by herself through the night without fussing. She is feisty and has a little attitude.
We just love her.
Thanks for these lovely creatures. They are such a joy.

Nina Mae is doing great.  She is weighing in at 2.5 pounds.  She has had her first grooming session, puppy class and had been to the vet twice.  Everyone loves her!
Rocco is amazing with her.  They play chase and tug.  Sometimes they snuggle on their blankets together.

I can not imagine life without Rocco.  He is just the best thing in the world.  Both my husband and I love him so much.  He is very spoiled and vey loved.
By the way, we are thinking of getting another one.  We are thinking a girl this time.
Talk to you soon.

He fits into the sweater that you sent home with us. He wears it for every walk we go on.  Thanks.

Rocco also finished his third week of puppy head start.  He follows the command "sit" and we are going to work on "down" to lie down.  He loves to play with the other puppies at class  and is doing well with house training.
 He is such a great dog. He has brought alot of laughter and smiles to our home. 

Thanks you for breeding such great dogs.  
Rocco is doing great. The vet said he looks very healthy (Thank you!) He is great. There is alot more laughter in the house since he joined our family. 
Rory is doing very well - he is "full" of energy and loves to go for long walks and loves to play ball.
he weighed 3.5 pounds when he was at the vets a few weeks back.  His legs are long!  But when he curls 
up to take a nap on your lap, He still looks very little.  He’s got a great little bounce in his walk 
too –  very good “posture”.  And he is so bright – he know his toys by their names, so if I say go get 
“Lambie” or go get “Woody”, he always brings me the right one (!)  He plays ball very nicely too – he’ll 
bring it to us and drop it at our feet.  Or he’ll toss it in the air and then push it to us with his nose – 
like a soccer ball. V

She weighs 3.5 lbs now.  She found her bark about 3 weeks ago and barks at everything to let us know she is present.  She is the best!  - Just wanted to let you know that our baby Jewells Hope is doing great. We changed her name to Jewells Hope (primarily Jewells) and she is doing GREAT! We continued the spoiling that your husband started and we love it. She is the best little girl in the world and I am so happy we got her and she is a part of our life. She is very close to both Jim and I and loves to play, snuggle and keeps us laughing. Her personality couldn't be better. She is still very tiny 3.3 lbs at last vet appt. but healthy and happy. Call anytime or email me with your direct email and I'll send you some pictures.  Take care, VS
I wanted to let you know Bailey had her annual check up and vaccs on Friday.  She weighs 4lbs10ozs and is very healthy.  Our vet said she has a lot of personality.  That's why we love the breed. CH

Hi  we adopted Bailey in January.  We are considering a playmate for her. We are going to name her Zoe.  We would love to see another picture when she opens her eyes.  How is she doing? CH

I wanted to let you know Zoe is wonderful.  She and Bailey love to take toys from each other and run.  She loves to be outside even in the snow, and likes to chase Bailey around the yard.  She is very content to sleep in her crate at night.  When we are not home home she has her play yard.  Zoe will use the potty pad when she is in the play yard but refuses to use it when we are home.  She prefers to go outside.  Her vet check was good.  She is a healthy little girl.  Thanks again for the care you provide for the puppies.